Dragon and Weed: Origins™ original series (2009-2013)

1_icon_05-DWO-MCComic/ Motion Comic Series

Origins is the prelude of Dragon and Weed: Black Ghost OPS 2.0, it begins 8 years before the game.

We are in 2053, on a futuristic Earth. Several conflicts took place in the last 20 years. But lately diplomatic alliances that are collected and maintained a fragile peace.
Dragon and Weed two childhood friends, former members of a military and spiritual program, have recently become parties to the Common Army of the United States of Europe in charge of maintaining the peace and especially of the worst missions.

Missions that will take them to an ancient secret organization they will join soon.

Creative Team:
Axel-Guillaume Eloa: Lead, writing, design, illustration, editing, sound design
Cloé Dauplais: English translation, French correction
Axel Damiani: Sound design
Charly Jouglet: Music composition
Mourad Achir-Splilmer: Music composition
Benjamin King: Voice acting

Garner Adicted: Voice acting
Jabari Lewis: Voice acting
Jenny Krompel: Voice acting
Justin Seva: Voice acting
King Cobra: Voice acting
Melissa Johnson: Voice acting
Robert S. Benjamin: Voice acting
Kelin Burke: Voice acting
Sean Chiplock: Voice acting
Stephanie: Voice acting
Sydney Simon: Voice acting
Warren Reid: Voice acting