Dragon and Weed: Origins™ (2015-2016)


Animated Series

In a nearby future, on Earth, several conflicts took place in the last 50 years. But lately diplomatic alliances are maintaining a fragile peace.

Dray and Lushian, two childhood friends, former members of a military and spiritual program, have engaged in a unit of the United-Nations of Europe’s Common Army charged to maintain order and especially of the worst missions.

Missions that will take them to an old secret organization they will finally join.

Creative Team:
Axel-Guillaume Eloa: Lead, writing, design, illustration, animation, editing, sound design
Théo Duvernay: French correction
Christophe Demarcq: English translation
Héléna Morgane: English localization
Mourad Achir-Splilmer: Music composition
Charly Jouglet: Music composition
Jordan J Scavone: Voice acting
Ryan Lawhon: Voice acting
Connor Colquhoun: Voice acting
Christopher Marshall: Voice acting
Llyod Hisel: Voice acting
Jacob Cimba: Voice acting
Anairis Quinones: Voice acting
Alison Beahan: Voice acting
Rachael Messer: Voice acting
JoeyKat: Voice acting
Maurquice Straughter: Voice acting
Linden Carello: Voice acting